LEARNING: How to Study like a Genius to Become an Expert in Your Field with Accelerated Learning and Memory Improvement (Genius, Learning, Reading, Accelerated Learning, Memory Improvement)

Discover How to Study Efficiently and Effectively Today!

The break’s over and finals are looming.

There’s this beautiful sounding language you’d like to try.

You’ve recently graduated and are preparing for a licensure exam.

Does any of the above apply to you? Or maybe you just want to learn new stuff and not forget about them anytime soon?

For many people, studying involves weeks of sleepless nights, with only a cup of coffee keeping them and their lessons company. They often need to dedicate the last few days right before the exam for reviewing, only to receive a poor grade when the results are released. This can surely be extremely disappointing for many students.

What many people fail to realize is that cramming a semester’s (or more) worth of knowledge into a single night is barely physiological. It can greatly cause stress to your brain and your body. Do you think your brain can handle all the new information all at once? Do you think your body will cooperate and keep you awake long enough to take the information in?

For ordinary people, the answer is no. Studying is work. Memorizing is a chore and it’s sometimes boring.

Well, the good news is that studying can actually be fun… if you do it right. This book will help you learn how.

If you have a difficult time studying and retaining important parts of your lessons, you may be attacking it in a way that’s less than ideal. Maybe your study strategy isn’t right for you. Maybe your memory techniques are mixing things up in your mind.

By reading Learning: How to Study like a Genius to Become an Expert in your Field with Accelerated Learning and Memory Improvement. You'll learn how to..

·        Find the best personal study strategy for you – Are you a visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learner?

·        Determine the best methods for studying optimally – What time of day should you study, would it be better to stay at home or in a café, etc.

·        Keep yourself motivated throughout the learning process

·        Decide if group studies are good for you

·        Develop good study habits – based on the suggestions of top performing students and scientific studies

·        Discover tricks for effective memory formation

·        Create better, more effective memory tools to facilitate memorization.

Remember that on most occasions, you only have one chance to ace that Geometry exam, pass that History finals, or be a top-notcher in the board exams, so you do need to study, and you need to do it well.

Besides, there’s so much waiting for you outside of the confines of the academic. Your family and friends want to kill time with you; your hobbies are put on indefinite hiatus until you’ve passed those exams. Time is precious and life is short.

Besides , life is not all about the academic, after all. You study so that you can get a good job, which will help you do the things you’ve always wanted to do. So when you study, be effective and be efficient.

Get this valuable book now for just $0.99. Regularly Priced at $4.99! For someone who like to improve their learning and memory skills, but too busy and does not have time, this book is for you! 

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