Marked: (The Ilenian Enigma, Book 1)

Book One in the international bestselling Fantasy series.

  • Join thousands of readers all over the world in this thrilling saga. 
  • A classic epic fantasy bursting with intrigue and action. 
  • Immerse yourself in this fantastic adventure, packed with mystery and action. 
  • Discover a vast and fascinating universe of fantasy, filled with lively, unique, entrancing characters. 
  • Decipher the Enigma of the Ilenians, the Lost Civilization which reigned in the dawn of time, only to disappear without trace. What happened to this Lost Civilization? What arcane mystery surrounds it? 
  • Tremia, a continent on the brink of war. Three kingdoms fighting to seize power over the great continent. 
  • Experience palace intrigues, spying, treachery, murder and relentless pursuits. 
  • Discover the sinister figure manipulating the fate of the continent from the shadows. 
Fantasy, Steel, Magic and Love. Live an adventure filled with intense, passionate romance, all-out fighting and magic.

Komir, a young warrior from the mountains of Tremia, is trying to find his place among his tribe, the Norriel, when Fate knocks at his door in the cruelest possible way, to claim him as the hero he still does not realize he is. Together with his good friend Hartz he will begin a quest, an adventure full of mysteries and magical enigmas, which will lead him to discover his past, understand his present, and face a future of epic proportions.
The Ilenian Enigma:
MARKED (Book #1)
CONFLICT (Book #2)
TRIALS (Book #3)
DESTINY (Book #4)
A saga that will keep you gripped!

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Bebadra Nayaka

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