My Schoolhouse Is A Ghost Town: A Teacher's Story Through Reform

This book is dedicated to the terrific educators that inspire, uplift, and challenge young people to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. The journey of being a teacher is truly arduous and challenging, which makes it difficult for some teachers to remember why they entered this field. Teachers dedicate a great portion of their lives giving back to society, and despite their sincerest efforts, policyholders, business leaders, and certain members of the public do not appreciate the work educators perform on a consistent basis. Although it is very telling how many public schools have been closed and minority teachers dismissed from current reform, other schools and teachers will soon feel its wrath unless there is an educational push back and demand for a return to community schooling. This book speaks to not only how an educator continues to utilize creative methodology to reach youth, but also navigate through the harshness imposed by current school reform initiatives. My Schoolhouse is a Ghost Town further challenges educators and parents to commit to activism, as currently demonstrated by members of the Chicago Teacher Union and parent progressive organizations, to fight for reform under this current system and create their own school models. Otherwise, more schools communities and teachers will become “ghost” as unrealistic demands continue to impact this great profession.

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Bebadra Nayaka

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