NCLEX: Respiratory System: The NCLEX Trainer: Content Review, 100+ Specific Practice Questions & Rationales, and Strategies for Test Success (NCLEX Review, Nursing Questions, NCLEX RN)

Achieve Exam Success with The NCLEX Trainer for the Respiratory System!
Concise Content Review, 100+ Topic-Specific Practice Questions, and Proven Tips for Success

The NCLEX Trainer guide begins with an outline of the topics and key facts that you need to remember for the exam. The list of subtopics can be seen on the contents page. This is all presented with helpful notes, tips, and cautions. In Section 7 of this guide you can apply and test your knowledge with over 100 topic-specific practice questions. All answers to the questions are given with detailed rationales to further your knowledge and understanding of the topic. Smart study strategies are outlined in the penultimate section of this guide - this will put you on a steady path to achieving success on your NCLEX exam!

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Bebadra Nayaka

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