Online Coach: Find Your Niche & Attract New Clients in 7 Days

This book is for those who wishes to work as an 'online' coach or a 'online' therapist. Here you will learn, for example:

- What is the difference between 'therapy' and 'coaching' and how to combine both,
- How to find your own 'speciality' or ‘niche',
- How to ‘attract’ clients within 7 days,
- How to make sure that your 'niche' is profitable,
- How to write and publish your own book within only a week or so
- How to 'get known' through social media,
and much more.

The BONUS Section include: a) How much you should charge your clients for your services,
b) When you should quit your 'current' 9 to 5 job and start coaching full-time, and
c) Should you offer your 'free' trial sessions to your potential clients or not.

The book is written by Certified Life Coach and Psychologist - Elmira Strange, MPhil

Enjoyed the preview?

Bebadra Nayaka

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