The Official Guide to the HiSET Exam, 2nd Edition

The one and only official study guide for the HiSET® Exam

From Educational Testing Service―the creator of the HiSET Exam―comes the best, most reliable test preparation resource you’ll find.

This book is the only guide that shows you exactly what the real exam is like.  You’ll learn how the test is structured, which topics are tested, and how to approach specific HiSET questions, so there will be no surprises on test day. You’ll also get HiSET-style exercises, review material, scoring information, and proven test-taking strategies―a comprehensive study program for building the confidence and knowledge you need to perform your very best.

Take the next step toward college or career success with The Official Guide to the HiSET® Exam.

·        HiSET Exam Diagnostic Test from the ETS test makers for assessing your test readiness
·        Two full-length practice tests that match the actual exam in format and difficulty
·        Descriptions and explanations of every test section
·        HiSET Exam-style exercises for building your knowledge and confidence
·        Strategies for taking the exam – to help you succeed on test day
·        Topic-by-topic review of all five subjects: Language Arts-Reading, Language Arts-Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
·        Newly expanded answer explanations for the end-of-chapter drills questions throughout the book

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