The Rants, Raves and Crazy Days of a Middle School Teacher: Funny Stories and Teacher Musings from Within the Classroom

I became a teacher for one simple reason, to educate students. I strongly feel that educating future generations is both a noble calling and grave responsibility. I do not think that I am alone in this belief; but for some reason, teaching continues to be one of the most underrated and misunderstood professions of our time. People think that we are lazy part-timers who only work until two o’clock and spend our summers at the beach. But this idea could not be any farther from the truth. However, this book is not wholly focused on the misconception of teachers, but rather our day to day and some of the crazy situations we go through with your children. So sharpen your pencils and take a seat; this is going to be an entertaining lesson!

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Bebadra Nayaka

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