The Super Student's Guide to Productivity: How Super Students Produce More Work in Less Time

Produce more work in less time. It's a deceptively simple concept that goes by the name of Productivity. Students, more than anyone, need to be productive in order to reach their goals. Whether you are looking to get better grades, work on extracurricular projects or alleviate daily stress, you need Productivity in your life.

The Super Student's Guide collection comprises concise books for students who want to make a dent in the Universe. They are brief guides to skills and concepts that help students attain their maximum potential.

Read this book and you will:

- Introduce new traits in your personality to help you become more productive
- Understand the impact of the 4Ds of Productivity: Diligence, Discipline, Direction and Durability
- Let work pile up and accomplish 10x more work
- Learn more efficiently, using strategies popularized by the so-called "fast learners"
- Be able to optimize your work sessions in order to produce more results
- Take less time to complete your daily tasks
- Check practical examples of how to apply productivity to Language Learning, Studying, Writing and More.


Super Students are the ones willing to go the extra mile. They go after the real education – what remains after your forget what you learned in school. Public speaking, communication skills, productivity, time management, networking, project management, teamwork, networking, they don't teach these at school, yet they're the most important skills to master.

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Bebadra Nayaka

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