The Temple (The Magi Series Book 3)

Elijah Hawk is in the midst of a quest. He must find the two remaining cubes that belong to the ancient sphere, a dangerous weapon created to destroy the common world. And he must do it before the Maliphists discover his plan. But things take a turn when Elijah suddenly discovers that there are Magi in Savenridge who aren’t who they appear to be. Magi who are powerful. Magi who are watching him closely. Magi who are traitors! Could it be possible that those he has trusted most are actually plotting against him?

Now, Elijah must keep his eyes open while he searches for the last cubes. One mistake could put the sphere in the hands of the Maliphists. Share too much, and his entire quest could be ruined. Share too little, and he won’t get the help he needs.

It’s a risky balancing act he is confident he can handle.

Until the murders begin.

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Bebadra Nayaka

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